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Who we are

Amuria District Development Agency (ADDA) is an independent and individual membership, not for profit local non- Governmental Organization formed in 2006 with a national mandate of complementing government efforts in providing community-based, but culturally sensitive and focused development programs. ADDA’s primary mandate is to improve the living conditions and welfare of the people, and is envisioned to provide coordinated community-based development services for socio-economic, and cultural transformation. The mission is to provide a purposeful, coordinated, benevolent and community-based services focusing at local and national community needs for sustainable socio-economic, cultural and political development. The interventions of the Organization are supported by several donor partners. Since its inception, 14 years ago, ADDA has active presence in Karamoja and Teso, specifically in; Kotido Abim and Napak districts of Karamoja, including Bukedea, Katakwi, and Amuria district, which included Kapelebyong district, Teso sub region. The interventions focus on promotion of Civic and Human Rights awareness, Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, Lobby and Advocacy for Good governance, Transparency, Accountability, Accountable political leadwership.

Our Background

The 1995 Constitution of Uganda provides for the creation and nurturing of a democratic society in which citizens have the right to participate in the governance of their country and engage in service delivery processes. Chapter four of the constitution details out fundamental human rights that every citizen is obliged to respect and enjoy. Human rights commission was formulated with the mandate to implement and oversee citizen’s knowledge and consciousness development initiatives aimed at inculcating in them civic awareness and appreciation of their roles and responsibilities but all these initiatives and programs remained fragmented and therefore contributing to low levels of citizen’s participation in service delivery processes, including ability to hold their leaders accountable for the service delivery.

Since 2013 Amuria District Development Agency, with funding from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), implemented a civic and human rights education interventions in the districts of: Kotido Abim and Napak in Karamoja; Bukedea, Katakwi, Amuria and Kapelebyong inTeso sub region. The purpose of the project was to increase citizens’ human rights awareness and civic competence for increased civic responsibility in service delivery processes.


Physical Rehabilitation
7652 have been physically rehabilitated


Psychological Rehabilitation
8174 have been Psychologically rehabilitated
Core values and principles

Core values and principles

ADDA is gorvaned by a set of values and principles

Team spirit:

working together for the

common good of citizens and for

one another.


Responsibility and integrity.


Multicultural dispensations, equity and ‘equality in, and for all.


Ensure Sensitivity to socio-cultural, political and economic environments.


Respect for humanity and dignity, teamwork and tolerance for one another.


Encompass non denominationalist and nonpartisan ideology

Our Objectives

There three Project objectives:

Increase citizen’s civic knowledge for civic consciousness in Teso and Karamoja.

Strengthen citizen’s human rights vigilance for engagement, including access to justice.

Build capacity of duty bearers (LCs) for improved legislative functions, monitoring for accountable service delivery in the two sub regions (Teso and Karamoja).

These were delivered through various strategic activities; community policing, civic and human rights outreaches, media programs on civic and human rights education, and community engagement platforms information sharing for accountable service delivery processes.


To improve living conditions and welfare of people by creating a socio-economically, politically vibrant and healthy society

Team Member

Experienced Team Members

Ebiru Nathan
Executive Director
Ekwamu John
Programs Director
Egobu Richard

Akiror Pricilla
Imede Everline
Admin Assistant
Orubo Micheal
Project Officer
Akwii Cecilia