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Program Thematic areas

Good Governance:

This concerns interventions targeting at addressing issues and gaps related to governance and leadership in both public and private sectors; holding relevant duty bearers accountable for respective service delivery. It also encompasses aspects of building citizens civic, political and human rights awareness, and increasing citizens participation through civic and voter education, respect and preservation for human life and dignity.

Socio-economic Transformation, and disaster mitigation.

This will look at not only at improving the quality of household livelihoods but also sustainably harness the environment while paying keen attention to ensure measures to mitigate the effects of climate change, including climatic, social and political changes. Furthermore, it focusses at improving and strengthening community economic recovery and growth for sustained development, including but not limited to intra and inter-ethnic or regional social rehabilitative initiatives, Recovery and growth for sustained development, women and Youth led livelihood improvement initiatives, and building production opportunities.

Equitable Access to quality social services.

This focusses at increasing equitable access to quality, and affordable basic social services. It entails community empowerment to engage with duty bearers, increasing opportunities for citizens participation in service delivery processes. It entails community empowerment to engage with duty bears in accountable service delivery, and narrowing the gender gaps in access and use of social services.

Lobby and Advocacy

This concerns raising issues of concern affecting the citizens, including but not limited to citizens human rights, access to justice, gender-based violence, peace building and conflict transformation and promoting social accountability. It involves networking, and collaborating for mutual benefit, especially of the target communities. It includes issues of monitoring and documentation of agency’s previous works, dissemination and sharing with relevant stakeholders for action.